Do you have a question? We are here to answer. If you don't see your question here, throw us a line.
To book a car, select the desired dates on the home page or on the rental car page and you will be offered free cars during this period. Then select the appropriate car, click the book button and fill in the booking form.
If you can't find a car at the time you want, we encourage you to fill out our rental request form with your rental request and our team will try to find a suitable solution.
An e-mail will be sent to you when the booking is confirmed. If you have any questions or want help, please contact our information number: +372 585 33 799
You can pay for the rent by making a reservation on the website by credit card, bank link or by bank transfer on the basis of an invoice.
Rental prices include compulsory motor third party liability insurance
Depending on the car, it is usually between 200€ and 300€ and can be reduced to 0€ at an additional cost.
Yes, but the deposit will be refunded by bank transfer.
As a rule, the liability/deductible is 800€ and can be reduced to 200€ for an additional fee
Deductible applies in the event of an accident or damage for which you are at fault. If the other party is to blame for the accident and you both reach a written agreement with it on the spot (a notice of the accident has been filled in and signed. Forms are available in each car), then the third party liability insurance will cover the damage.
Yes, for an additional fee we will bring and take the car to a suitable place for you - to the airport, port, hotel and elsewhere. When booking, simply select the appropriate place of issue or return or enter it in the additional information box.
Our rental cars have 24-hour car assistance. Please contact us at +372 585 33 799 so that we can assess the situation and give further instructions. Car assistance service is included in the rental price.
You should always contact our information number +372 56 294 298 first so that we can assess the situation and give further instructions. Generally, the traffic accident must be completed on site, the corresponding form must be filled in (the sheets are available in the car), the contact details of the other party (ies) and the corresponding signatures must be taken. If the situation requires it, please contact the emergency services at 112
Yes, as we issue clean cars and the car must be returned in the same way, clean inside and out. For an additional fee, we can do indoor and / or outdoor laundry ourselves.
Yes, the car will be issued with a full fuel tank and the same must be returned. If you do not refuel the car, we will refuel the car ourselves and add 10 € to the bill for the refueling service.
Yes, it is usually 200km/day, 1400km/week, 4000km/month and can be increased at a discounted additional cost. If the permitted mileage limit is exceeded, 0.11€/km (or 0,138€/km for Premium cars) will be added to the rental price.
Payment is based on prepayment before the start of the rental period. If the customer wishes to further extend the existing lease agreement, the pricing of additional days will be based on the contract price.
To cancel the reservation, please send an e-mail to rent@taxifeer.ee or call +372 585 33 799.

If the reservation is canceled, less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period, half of the mandatory rental amount must be paid.
Yes, all our cars have vehicle cards for taxis and we work with and join Bolt, Uber and Taxigo apps. You can also use it in all other apps, but then you have to make the subscriptions yourself
The car always prefers CNG fuel when driving, except for cold starts, accelerations and occasional cleaning of petrol cleaners. It is not possible to switch to petrol yourself if there is CNG in the tank. If you want to run on petrol, you must first use all the CNG
In the car there are Alexela and Eesti Gaas cards with which you can get a discount at the respective filling stations. To get the discount, use the discount card before starting to refuel and follow the instructions of the payment terminal