Taxifeer car rent

We offer economical and comfortable rental cars for taxi work in Tallinn and Tartu. Rent a comfortable and private car with the necessary permits, taxi traffic and comprehensive insurance and earn good money without major investments!

Car rent

Our goal is to save you time and offer you only pure driving pleasure!
The car rental price includes all the necessary operations related to the car and we offer a complete solution for everything you need for driving a car and / or taxi work..

Including  24h car help, insurance management and a replacement car to make your journeys worry-free and comfortable.

Car rent in Tallinn or car rent in Tartu?
 Our office and rental cars are located in Tallinn, but Taxifeer rental cars are used by customers all over Estonia!
IF you wish to use our rental car in Tartu, let us know.

Check out our cars

All vehicles are well equipped and have an automatic transmission,
diesel or CNG engine. 

In addition to comfort, Taxifeer's rental cars are also anonymus. There are no stickers on cars, so you yourself choose when to be a taxi driver and when not to.

Everything necessary for ride sharing

✔ Partial payment received after the end of the working day and most pay by weekly payments.

✔ All equipment and training required to provide ride sharing services.

✔ You can work full time or part time next to another job / school. 

✔You create the work schedule according to your wishes by making reservations conveniently on the website. Car rent starting from 2h.
Work on the days that best suit you and choose the work you like - drive customers or take food / packages as a courier. 

✔ We take care of repairs, maintenance and other necessary things so that the driver can focus only on doing the work.

✔Customer orders reach you conveniently through partners
Bolt, Uber and Forus

✔ Car rent in Tallinn and Tartu -you can work where it best suits you. 

Car rent

Car rent

Taxifeer offers a convenient and affordable car rental service that allows you to easily and quickly rent a vehicle for any purpose. Whether you need to travel to the other side of the city or go on a business trip, our wide selection of cars and user-friendly booking system make this process an enjoyable experience. A reliable car rental partner - Taxifeer.


Long-term car rent

Taxifeer offers reliable car rental for taxi services. Our wide range of cars and easy booking system ensure a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Long-term car rentals are suitable for taxis, Wolt, Bolt, or Forus. Choose the car that suits you and book it today.


Rental cars

Taxifeer offers a wide range of rental cars with all of them equipped with automatic transmission and we also have CNG cars available in our selection. Regardless of your needs we will find the right vehicle for you to make your journey comfortable and worry-free. Explore our versatile fleet today!